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"therapy for seniors santa cruz

"Supporting People through Transitions with Compassion, Connection, and Confidence." 

Serving the Santa Cruz County area. Please contact us for more info.

Healing at Home offers in-home therapy for seniors and other people in Santa Cruz County who might otherwise find it difficult to make it into the office every week. 


Imagine waking up every day and feeling lonely in your own home. Being filled with grief over the loss of a loved one and not knowing what to do with all the hours in your day. Imagine moving to a new home or struggling to adjust to life with a chronic illness. You feel disconnected from your community, isolated and unimportant. 


Do these symptoms sound like you or someone you love? 


Healing at Home helps people with these issues every day. Through patience, compassion and an open heart we help our clients to heal; to rediscover their joys and passions. We empower our clients to reconnect with their community and to be seen, heard and valued.    


Healing at Home can adapt to meet the unique needs of each individual client whether that be through compassionate listening, helping to make social connections, building confidence, teaching new skills or establishing routines that bring more fulfillment to daily life. 


Don't let yourself or a loved one suffer any longer. Contact us today for a free consultation.




*Healing at Home is a
Medicare approved provider
offering in-home psychotherapy
to seniors and others in need in the

Santa Cruz area.

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