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"therapy for seniors santa cruz


Healing at Home
can offer support in the following areas:

Processing Grief and Loss

Therapy is an effective way to learn to cope with loss and manage symptoms with techniques such as relaxation
or meditation.




Finding Purpose and Meaning in Your Senior Years 

"The meaning of life is to give life meaning."  ~ Viktor E. Frankl


Adjusting to Chronic Illness

You can live a full and meaningful life despite living with compromised health.
A therapist can help you learn to cast your relationships, emotional health, spiritual health and physical health in a different light.

"therapy for seniors santa cruz
"therapy for seniors santa cruz
"therapy for seniors santa cruz
"therapy for seniors santa cruz

Adjusting to a New Living Situation and Environment
A therapist can act as a partner to help an individual deal more effectively when they often have a difficult transition into a new living situation.   


Connecting to Resources
in the Community

Connecting to community resources can feel overwhelming.
A therapist can help identify your needs and connect you to the right resources.


Family Support

Changes in one family member can affect the whole family system. As an extension of the client's care;
A therapist can support the family in navigating these changes with grace and love.

"therapy for seniors santa cruz
"therapy for seniors santa cruz
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