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Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Is in-home therapy more expensive than regular therapy?

A) No. Psychological services are covered by Medicare and other secondary insurance agencies. 


Q) What if my house is dirty?

A) Your therapist primary concern is to help and support you in your healing not to judge your living environment. What is more important is that you are comfortable in your home.


Q) Does having a therapist mean there's something wrong with me?

A) A common reason why people avoid therapy is the belief it will mean they are weak, incapable of solving problems on their own, or they are “crazy.” In reality the majority of people in therapy are ordinary, everyday people dealing with ordinary, everyday problems. Adjusting to major life changes, experiencing grief, processing anger, improving relationships, working on self-esteem.


Q) How do I know if I or my loved one would benefit from therapy?

A) Psychotherapy is a wonderful resource for any number of life's challenges. If you are unsure about this decision you might consider some of the following questions:

  • Are your issues causing significant distress in your life?

  • Have you tried dealing with your challenges on your own but still
    continue to suffer?

  • Are your friends or family telling you they are concerned about you?

  • Do you feel disconnected from previously enjoyed activities?

  • Are you starting to experience headaches, stomach aches, weight loss

  • or difficulty sleeping?

All of these symptoms can be signs that you might benefit from more support. Make an appointment today to talk to a therapist and find out more about how they can help.   



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